Refrigerators and their features

Each brand of refrigerator has its own personal characteristics.
The LIEBHERR refrigerator, for example, does not require defrosting due to the presence of the No-Frost system. The Vario-Space function makes it possible to combine spaces. At the same time, energy savings reach 50%. There is also a super freeze function. This function is designed to quickly freeze food. The Biofresh function indicates the presence of a zero zone in the refrigerator. In different departments of this zone, you can adjust the amount of humidity. Refrigeration elements can be used for a portable refrigerator. Even if the electricity supply is interrupted, the temperature in the refrigerator will not rise for a long time.
The AEG refrigerator has the function of quick cooling of food, as well as quick freezing. In this case, after a certain time, the temperature will be set in accordance with the specified parameters. Only in this model you can find the Holiday functionality. During its operation, the temperature in the refrigerator reaches +15 degrees. A musty smell cannot form at this temperature, and electricity consumption is reduced to a minimum. Just like in many models, a cold accumulator is provided here.
The SIEMENS refrigerator also has the possibility of super-freezing. At the same time, heat loss is minimal. There is also turbo cooling, which contributes to the most minimal loads on the compressor. There is a combination of fan and compressor operation. But the ELECTROLUX refrigerator is equipped with the Fuzzy control function. With this function, the microprocessor monitors the temperature regime that occurs in the refrigerator. There is also a zero zone in which products are stored much longer, while retaining all the nutritional properties and attractive appearance. Convenient opening of a door is provided with the convenient handle. Tempered glass is more durable.
BOSCH is equipped with automatic defrosting, No Frost system, zero zone, as well as floor-by-floor cold equipment in the freezer. WHIRLPOOL, along with all the popular and necessary functions, can lower the temperature very quickly, and also allows you to independently adjust the humidity in the refrigerator. The use of refrigerant in refrigerators is safe for the ozone layer.

Refrigerators and their features
Refrigerators and their features
Refrigerators and their features
Refrigerators and their features Refrigerators and their features Refrigerators and their features

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