How to choose a mobile phone

Are you going to buy a mobile phone? This brief overview will help you orient yourself in the variety of communication means and choose the right one for you.
All it takes is 4 simple steps:
Select the class of the future purchase, the type of case (classic, folding, rotator, slider).
Decide on a set of phone features that you will actually use.
Consider the mode in which the phone will be used - conditions of use, intensity, battery life
Think over a set of necessary accessories and pay attention to the package bundle of the device and various promotions (headsets, cases, memory cards, bonuses, etc.), because the competition between manufacturers and sellers of phones is extremely high.
Ergonomics and ease of use
As for phone manufacturers, choose the phone of the manufacturer that you prefer, and if you don't have a phone yet, then listen to the advice of friends and relatives. In this case, you will quickly and easily master the novelty, because. Almost every brand of phones has its own peculiarities of menu construction and the main functionality of the devices. The phone should fit well in the hand, and the screen should be comfortable for the eyes.
The range of mobile phones is very diverse, as are the tastes of consumers. Almost every modern phone has capabilities that go far beyond its primary purpose of calling and texting. Some of us prefer to use the phone to listen to music, take pictures, someone can not do without built-in applications for viewing and editing documents and e-mail. Others prefer simple and functional mobile phones and use them mainly to make calls or send messages. Therefore, determine your needs for additional phone functions and the level of their implementation (basic functionality of a budget phone, music phone, camera phone, smartphone, communicator).
If you're looking for a phone just for calling and texting, you can safely opt for cheaper models. It is worth paying attention to features such as a calendar, organizer, stopwatch, alarm clock (as a rule, they are built into every new mobile phone). Recently, phones with support for two SIM cards have also become very popular, because many of us use the services of several mobile operators. If earlier such phones belonged to the premium class, now an increasing number of budget-class models receive support for two SIM cards.
If you are going to use the phone as a multimedia player, such parameters as phone memory and support for memory cards, ease of organizing and accessing media files in the phone, availability and quality of a headset and the ability to connect standard headphones, ease of transferring files from a computer to device memory, advanced functions of the media player (equalizer, recording from the radio).
For photos “on the go” and from time to time, a camera with a 2 megapixel sensor is quite enough, but avid photographers, of course, will prefer a better camera with a flash or even two and the presence of special applications for photo and video editing in the phone.
Mobile phone or smartphone?
If you use your phone for work (calls do not count), your choice is a smartphone, a communicator, or an advanced business class phone with support for office applications, a variety of communication standards (in particular, EDGE and Wi-fi), advanced synchronization with various devices (computer, printer, network equipment for accessing the Internet and corporate resources), high-speed, supporting multitasking. Keep in mind that smartphones running an operating system are more demanding on battery life, as well as regular use of a wireless connection (Bluetooth, Wi-fi) and Internet access.
We hope our advice will help you buy a good mobile phone.

How to choose a mobile phone
How to choose a mobile phone
How to choose a mobile phone
How to choose a mobile phone How to choose a mobile phone How to choose a mobile phone

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