The demand for small refrigerators is growing every day. Most often they are used in offices, hotels, entertainment complexes, hospital wards with increased comfort. The main convenience is that they take up little space, many models have a design that allows them to be placed in an office or room. A narrow refrigerator in the country or in any other temporary housing is also appropriate.
Such household appliances can be portable or stationary, some models are built into a bar or furniture. By type of cooling, a small refrigerator can be absorption, thermoelectric or compression. When installing built-in appliances, it is important that elements such as a condenser (compression cooling), a heat exchanger (absorption method) or plates of thermal parts have the ability to cool.
An evaporator is used to cool the internal space, each single-chamber mini refrigerator has a tray under the evaporator, thanks to which the temperature regime in the freezer is also adjusted, usually located in the upper part of the case. The evaporator also serves as a freezer container. For placement in the office, a small refrigerator with a volume of no more than 85 cm3, which can even be placed under the table, will be optimal.
Noise level
Some models of compression refrigerators have a reduced noise level. A weaker sound during operation is created by absorption devices, since they lack a compressor and parts that move. The quietest, perhaps, thermoelectric refrigerators, in which there are no compressors, no refrigerant pipes, no moving parts. Thermoelectric refrigerators are divided into two classes, the first is used indoors, and the other is portable, can be used anywhere. Refrigerators intended for use in transport may have special mounts with which they are placed on the body of cars, buses, trains or floating vehicles.
How to choose a mini refrigerator?
The most convenient are thermoelectric refrigerators, but their cost is an order of magnitude higher than isothermal ones (tanks with thermal insulation, where the batteries are pre-cooled), in this technique the low temperature is maintained longer. The most powerful are electrogas models and compression ones, they are perhaps the most expensive, but they have a temperature switch.
When choosing a portable mini refrigerator, first of all, you should decide on the requirements for it. Thus, products of the isothermal type are a container with thermal insulation (usually foam), the cooling of which occurs due to special (pre-frozen in the freezer of a domestic refrigerator) cold accumulators.

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