How to choose a washer

As the practice of shopping centers and hardware stores shows, the dryer, despite its rather high price, is becoming more and more popular and many visitors are willing to buy this household appliance for their homes.
Many housewives have been happy for a long time, because they stopped, like in ancient times, hanging clothes anywhere or on a folding dryer, which causes so much trouble and constantly has to be mixed in the house. Tumble dryers have the special property of not wrinkling clothes. For example, if you hang it on a battery or in other places in the house, you can wrinkle and ruin the look of clothes, and even an iron will not help restore things to their previous appearance. A tumble dryer keeps clothes looking fresh, and some items do not need to be ironed after drying (such as jeans or bed linens).
The first thing you need to pay attention to is the drum of the washing machine. It depends on the drum how much clothes family members can dry. Traditionally, the optimal volume is 100 liters. Such a capacious drum will allow you to put a "decent" amount of laundry. At the same time, you need to know that you should always leave free space in the machine, since the air inside the drum should circulate easily.
No less important is the system of cleaning from moisture, which ensures that the laundry is blown with air during drying. This is all due to forced ventilation. Also, the buyer needs to pay attention to the drying programs of the machine. This is a great thing with which you can select the drying mode: “under the iron”, which makes it very easy to iron clothes later, “in the closet”, which will generally please the buyer with the fact that the linen does not need to be ironed, but you can immediately hang it in the closet and more. Drying by type of fabric can also be selected. Modern dryers are able to clean things from lint, dust, wool, just select the “airing clothes” mode.
The right dryer in the house will become a real helper and save a huge amount of time for all family members. It is very important to clarify in which country the equipment was produced, as well as to check the performance on the spot in order to exclude the appearance of all kinds of unpleasant problems in the future.

How to choose a washer
How to choose a washer
How to choose a washer
How to choose a washer How to choose a washer How to choose a washer

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