Fridge dimensions

Household appliances are an integral part of our life. From how we choose it correctly, its service life and our comfortable feelings from owning this equipment will depend. The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in our home. Before making a choice, you need to know all the subtleties of your home assistant. Initially, it is necessary to determine its dimensions and volumes. Based on this feature, all refrigerators can be divided into four groups. 1. Small, as well as fairly compact refrigerators. This refrigerator can be narrow and low. Most often in such a refrigerator, if there is a freezer, then it is located in its upper part. If we consider the external dimensions of such refrigerators, they may vary. From 85 cm to 160 cm can be its height. The width of this small refrigerator is 55 cm. The standard depth is 60 cm.
2. European type refrigerators. The width and depth of such refrigerators is 60 * 60 cm. But the height can be 170-205 cm. If we consider the products manufactured by European manufacturers, we can see that such refrigerators make up the bulk of production. Because of this, the consumer began to call this refrigerator by a similar name. The freezer of such a home assistant is most often located in the lower part.
3. The refrigerator is not high, but wide and deep. Among the people there is also a second name for such a refrigerator "Asian". This refrigerator usually has a freezer in its upper part. The increased dimensions in width and depth make it possible to have sufficiently large volumes, despite the fact that outwardly the refrigerator has low performance. The width of such a refrigerator can be 80 cm. With this width, the height of the refrigerator will be 170 cm.
4. Double-sided refrigerator (Side-by-Side). The freezer of such a refrigerator has a side arrangement. Such a refrigerator has a height of about 180 cm. The depth can be from 60 to 80 cm. The width of such an instance reaches 100 cm.
When choosing a refrigerator, it is necessary to accurately represent the space where it will be located. Here, not only the place of the refrigerator should be taken into account, but also the space that will be around it. It is imperative to expect that the refrigerator door will open. Will there be access to other items.

Fridge dimensions
Fridge dimensions
Fridge dimensions
Fridge dimensions Fridge dimensions Fridge dimensions

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