Climate and refrigerator amenities

Any refrigerator has its own indicators at which it works normally. For example, it could be the ambient temperature. These parameters are included in the determining parameters when determining the climate class of each refrigerator. There are several types of climate class:
1. Class N (normal). It assumes an ambient temperature of +16 - +32 degrees.
2. Class SN (subnormal). Here the temperature ranges from +10 to + 32 degrees.
3. Class ST (subtropical). The ambient temperature is +18 to +38 degrees.
4. Class T (tropical). The temperature can be from +18 to + 43.
Our market has mostly refrigerators that belong to the “normal” and “subnormal” (N or SN) climate class. But due to the fact that the summer period is quite hot, and has a temperature much higher than +32 degrees, manufacturers began to think about multi-class refrigerators. Currently, refrigerators of the N-ST or SN-ST class are produced. As a result, the temperature limits of the refrigerator have an expanded value.
The choice of a refrigerator must necessarily be accompanied by a study of the climate class. All internal operating conditions of this refrigerator must exactly match its performance. Also, any refrigerator is equipped with all the necessary amenities for comfortable use. For example, each refrigerator has shelves that are made of plastic. But there may be metal or glass shelves. The most convenient shelves are glass. They are made from tempered glass. Along with their incredible durability, they are easy to clean and have a perfectly flat surface. In addition, each shelf has locks that will not allow the shelf to fall out during product removal.
Each refrigerator has a wide variety of shelf options. The height of the shelves depends entirely on the desire of the owner. With the help of one or two bulbs, the refrigerator is illuminated. Lighting should be located at the front edge towards the inside. For a convenient arrangement of bottles brackets are offered. Some refrigerators may have additional lighting. Most often this door. A home bar can be embedded in the door of the refrigerator compartment. There may even be facilities for supplying cold water and ice. To do this, they are specially connected to the water supply.

Climate and refrigerator amenities
Climate and refrigerator amenities
Climate and refrigerator amenities
Climate and refrigerator amenities Climate and refrigerator amenities Climate and refrigerator amenities

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