Washing machine maintenance

Few people now imagine those days when people were forced to do without washing machines. Washing in those days was no less, but all of it lay a heavy burden on the fragile female shoulders. That was until the invention of the washing machine. As time went on, machines improved and developed more and more, so that automatic models soon appeared, which made it possible to reduce human participation in washing to a minimum. However, for the correct and long-term functioning of such useful household appliances, it is necessary to properly care for it: the simple and effective measures that we will tell you about will allow you to keep your washing machine working for a long time.
First of all, carefully read the instructions and keep it at hand. Some faults you can easily fix yourself. In the instructions you will find recommendations for caring for the drum specifically for your type and brand of machine.
Basic tips on how to care for your washing machine:
1. clean the water filter and drain pump in time, and rinse the detergent tank as it gets dirty;
2. consult with experts about the degree of water hardness in your area and, if necessary, use a decalcifier;
3. before each wash, check the pockets of clothes - if small items get into the drum of the machine, repairs will require serious costs;
4. To clean the external parts of the machine, wipe them with a soft sponge and detergent;
5. do not use hard washcloths for washing and cleaning the car;
6. never open the detergent compartment during washing - water may overflow;
7. if after turning on the machine you find that you have chosen the wrong washing program, then first turn off the machine, and after 30 seconds choose another one;
8. if the machine has already started washing, then do not switch the selected program - the automation may fail;
9. if the program switch is clock type, then do not turn it counterclockwise;
10. after each wash, turn off the water supply valve and leave the machine door open to dry;
11. check the condition of the hose once a year and replace it if necessary - otherwise a worn hose under pressure may burst during operation of the machine;
12. straighten the laundry when loading into the machine, do not put everything in a lump or a pile;
13. put washing powder in an amount proportional to the amount of laundry;
14. hand washing powder is not suitable for the machine, as it gives abundant foaming;
15. when washing with a special baby powder, pay attention to its packaging: some powders must be poured directly into the drum;
16. if the conditioner is thick, then it should be diluted with water.
Remember that proper and timely care will extend the life of your home assistant.

Washing machine maintenance
Washing machine maintenance
Washing machine maintenance
Washing machine maintenance Washing machine maintenance Washing machine maintenance

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