Buy latest generation Philips LED TVs

Why does the same movie look so different in the cinema and on the TV screen? It turns out that the whole thing is in the proportions of the screen on the TV such a ratio of 4:3, and the movie is shown on the screen with a ratio of 16:9, which is why when large-format films are shown on television, a black bar remains above and below. The first attempts to create widescreen TVs failed due to the imperfections of the cathode ray tube, and only with the development of Led technology did the dream of moviegoers come true.
Many companies have begun experiments in this area. The advent of inexpensive led matrices made it possible to create wide screens, but now the TV signal format did not fit in, and black stripes appeared on the sides. Philips LED TVs have become a real breakthrough in this area. Philips engineers suggested using a format with a constant image height and now the stripes have disappeared from the screens when watching both movies and TV shows.
When viewing any content on the Philips LED TV screen, there is no feeling of irregularity, the image is proportionally bright and contrasty. When watching TV, the image is not stretched, and when watching movies, it is not cut off vertically. Everything looks extremely natural, the image is clear and detailed.
The company's designers went even further and now embodied in metal and plastic the modern 21:9 format used in cinemas. This is the second generation of Philips led TVs and so far no company has launched anything like this on the market. All the most revolutionary developments were used to create this miracle of engineering. For example, the LED backlight of the screen, which changes depending on the displayed image and the lighting conditions in the room, and the use of a processor with a frequency close to a computer one, allows you to view three-dimensional images while fully maintaining their quality.
Philips LED TVs combine the rigor of design and the innovation of the technical solutions used in them and are able to give joy to true movie lovers.

Buy latest generation Philips LED TVs
Buy latest generation Philips LED TVs
Buy latest generation Philips LED TVs
Buy latest generation Philips LED TVs Buy latest generation Philips LED TVs Buy latest generation Philips LED TVs

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