How to choose a quality iPad bag

Bags and various covers for ipad and iPad 2 are necessary things for their owners, as owners want not only to protect gadgets from various damages and scratches, but also to change the appearance of the device and therefore stand out.
Bags for ipad can be solid, made of genuine leather by well-known companies Beyzacases, Lakoiie or Piel Frama, as well as budget types, which are made by Chinese manufacturers.
Choosing a bag for ipad is not easy, almost as difficult as buying toys in St. Petersburg, because the owners want it to be compact, thin, and not restrict movement. The owner wants the ipad bag to be multi-functional as well, with many compartments and pockets to accommodate not only a tablet, but also a smartphone, wallet, keys and other little things.
Typically, an ipad bag has a standard format - it is a traditional bag in a vertical design over the shoulder, which has a compartment for a netbook (tablet) and a large number of small departments.
However, those who want to find a really roomy and multifunctional item can purchase the Dresden Klaus9i Messenger Bag, which meets all the needs of many ipad owners. It is thin, and stylish, and unusual, strong and light at the same time.
The bag comes with a case for it, a bag of silica gel, a branded SGP coupon, on which the serial number of the product is marked. Also included is a shoulder strap to make the bag comfortable to wear on the shoulder.
The bag can only be black, it is made of neoprene and spandex, it has a rigid frame, so it protects the tablet or netbook very well from drops and accidental bumps. The zipper has two dogs, it encircles the bag on three sides, so it is easy to work with it. On the fourth side of the bag there is a leather insert with the name of the bag and embossed SGP.
The strap for carrying the bag over the shoulder is made of nylon, it is wide and soft. In order to carry the bag comfortably, there is a movable pad for the shoulder. Metal fittings, large carabiners, which are attached to the bracket with hinges - all this is very convenient and thoughtful.
Inside the Dresden Klaus9i Messenger Bag, there are two compartments that can easily fit an iPad or iPad 2. There are also several small compartments in the bag that you can put your wallet, phone and other small things.
Thus, the advantages of the bag are:
- dimensions (compactness) and weight
- hard bag frame
- wide belt - comfortable
- high quality metal fittings
- the design of fastening the belt to the bag is very thoughtful and convenient
- it is easy to get items out of the bag and put them back with one hand
- pockets of the bag are made of elastic fabric
The disadvantages of the bag are:
- not very long belt
- few pockets
- high price of the bag

How to choose a quality iPad bag
How to choose a quality iPad bag
How to choose a quality iPad bag
How to choose a quality iPad bag How to choose a quality iPad bag How to choose a quality iPad bag

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