Rules for defrosting refrigerators

If you have ever dealt with the care of the refrigerator at least once in your life, then you are well aware of the need to defrost it. This event is required from time to time even for modern high-tech models, not to mention outdated modifications that need to be defrosted with depressing regularity. Despite the simplicity of this operation, in fact, not everything is so simple, and when defrosting, you should follow some rules that will help keep your refrigerator working for several years. You can read about what these rules are in our article.
Of course, this is not difficult, if you do not miss some points. First of all, you need to find a suitable cool place for food and empty the refrigerator from them. Now you can start defrosting:
1. free the refrigerator;
2. disconnect it from the mains;
3. put water-absorbing rags, containers for water and ice under the refrigerator;
4. We wait for some time until the ice melts and wipe the floor in time.
It is not necessary to break off pieces of ice from the surface of the freezer with your hands, as you can easily damage the elements of the refrigerator. Wait for the ice to melt on its own. Using a fan or hair dryer when defrosting the refrigerator to speed up the process is also not a good idea. So you can disable either the refrigerator itself or the heating device. You can speed up defrosting more delicately - put containers with warm water on the shelves. After the remaining moisture is removed from the refrigerator, wipe it with a soda solution or a special detergent. The procedure for defrosting the refrigerator should be repeated every three months in the hot season and once every six months in the cold.
So, the problem of how to defrost the refrigerator is solved. If it seems too time-consuming to you, then there is only one way out: to purchase a more modern model, and defrosting will occur automatically and without your participation. You only need to empty it of food once a year to wash and disinfect it.

Rules for defrosting refrigerators
Rules for defrosting refrigerators
Rules for defrosting refrigerators
Rules for defrosting refrigerators Rules for defrosting refrigerators Rules for defrosting refrigerators

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