How to choose a washing machine?

The range of modern household appliances is so wide that when you come to the store, it is difficult to understand how to choose a washing machine so that it lasts a long time, is inexpensive, so that there is no need to repair it every two months. Vertical and frontal, narrow and wide, with conventional mechanical control or electronic?
All washing machines are divided into two classes: horizontal and vertical. The advantages of vertical machines are, as a rule, narrower, take up less space, no space is required in front of the appliance to load laundry, the average capacity of such machines is up to 5 kg of dry things. Horizontal devices have a large capacity compared to vertical ones, which allows you to start washing much less often, in addition, these devices can be built under the countertop, many people install such machines in the kitchen if acrylic bathtubs are installed in the bathroom.
Built-in dryer - principle of operation
Some customers are attracted to the washer-dryer. The principle of drying is very simple - there is an additional heating element that warms the air. There are two methods for drying clothes in machines: the first one starts the timer for a certain time, then it turns off, and you can pick up the dried clothes. This method is bad because the laundry can be either under-dry or over-dry. Previously, all models with the ability to dry things were with horizontal loading, now a narrow washing machine with a dryer comes across more and more often.
In more advanced washing machines, there is a device that analyzes the moisture content of items in the tank, when a certain degree of dryness is reached, the process stops. "Smart" washing. A tumble dryer has its disadvantages, it can only dry half of the wet clothes. That is, if the maximum load of the washing machine is 5 kg, then it can be dried in it no more than 2.5 kg at a time, which presents certain inconveniences, since after washing it is necessary to pull out half of the items and dry the washed in two steps.
Is the presence of a dryer good or bad for a washing machine?
There is a stereotype that a washer-dryer is not as reliable as a regular one. Is it so? To find out the truth, the experts turned to a number of household appliance services, where the masters explained the main reason for the breakdown of washing machines with dryers. As it turned out, household appliances broke down, mainly due to overloads, since most owners either forgot or were too lazy to pull out half of the wet things after washing. Washing machines, working in the drying mode, were overloaded, which caused them to fail. If you operate the equipment in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturers, such problems will not arise.

How to choose a washing machine?
How to choose a washing machine?
How to choose a washing machine?
How to choose a washing machine? How to choose a washing machine? How to choose a washing machine?

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