Purchasing a TV for use in the kitchen

In 40-inch monitors, the most advanced technologies today are LCD and plasma. Prices for displays of each of the technologies are approximately the same. You can compare screens by color saturation, durability, contrast, voltage requirements, etc.
1. Contrast
In plasma monitors, the display of dark and black areas is achieved by reducing the current supply to certain sections of the panel. This method allows you to get a high-contrast image. The contrast of plasma monitors can be up to 3000:1.
Liquid crystal displays get dark dots by increasing the energy that is applied to the pixel. The most recent technological improvements achieve a contrast ratio of approximately 700:1.
2. Color saturation
Plasma monitors reproduce the entire color gamut very clearly. High saturation of displays is obtained due to the fact that each cell of the panel includes red, green and blue components. Plasma technology provides the most accurate color reproduction.
Liquid crystal displays use crystal polarization technology and, due to the small size of the pixel matrix, a very high definition and vividness of the picture is achieved. But they are inferior to plasma panels when it comes to displaying scenes at a high image rate.
3. Durability
LCD monitors can operate up to 75,000 hours. In fact, the durability of the liquid crystal display determines the life of the lamp, due to which, after the conversion of light, an image is formed. The lamp, if it fails, can be replaced.
The plasma panel creates an image by means of an electric impulse acting on rare gases (neon, xenon, argon). The nuclei of gases decay over time, it is they who affect the durability of the display, which is about 30,000 hours.
4. Screen Burn
A factor to consider when choosing a monitor. In this regard, LCD monitors are superior to plasma technology, since they practically do not burn out. Plasma displays, under certain conditions, begin to burn out after 15 minutes.
5. Energy consumption
The LCD monitor's fluorescent lamp consumes less power than the plasma panel's cell electrodes.
Thus, having found out the conditions in which the technique will be used, it is easy to decide on the choice of display.
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Purchasing a TV for use in the kitchen
Purchasing a TV for use in the kitchen
Purchasing a TV for use in the kitchen
Purchasing a TV for use in the kitchen Purchasing a TV for use in the kitchen Purchasing a TV for use in the kitchen

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