Brilliant Electrolux

Back in 2010, Yuri Dmitriev proposed a new concept for Electrolux - the refrigerator of the future Bio Robot Refrigerator.
This "Electrolux" will contain a biopolymer gel, which is cooled by luminescence and envelops the products with its mass. The gel will preserve their original quality, and the airless space of the refrigerator will help him in this. Such a unit does not need an energy source, since the energy for cooling will come from the environment.
All products are placed in a kind of amorphous active mass, which takes up much less space than any refrigerator that exists today. Products can be positioned in any direction: bottom, top, horizontal, vertical.
Of course, this idea is too fantastic, but it is also extremely beautiful. Design, color, performance simply fascinate sophisticated contemporaries. And it is quite possible that in a few years our kitchens will free themselves from bulky predecessors and decorate their design with such a bio-robot.
The cost, apparently, will also be on the verge of fantasy. But for any pleasure, as they say, you have to pay.
If refrigerator manufacturers decided to create something fundamentally different from the previous technology, then there is no such trend in the line of heaters. The main task of the heater is to maintain the desired temperature in the room. And this can be done without the use of such fancy things as gel. The main thing is that the room should be warm.

Brilliant Electrolux
Brilliant Electrolux
Brilliant Electrolux
Brilliant Electrolux Brilliant Electrolux Brilliant Electrolux

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