Small washing machines

If the bathroom is very small, and there is almost no room for a washing machine in it, very few compact washing machines installed under the sink will help out. They have fewer features than their larger counterparts, but overall wash quality is good.
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There are some nuances, so the sink above the washing machine cannot be installed as usual. The condition is as follows: it should protrude a couple of centimeters above the lid of the washing machine so that water splashes do not fall on the lid of the appliance. Manufacturers have designed such a washstand, the bottom of which is flat, and the drain system differs from the standard one - the siphon is located vertically. The drain pipe with such a sink device does not pass over the washer, so even if the drain pipe leaks, there is no risk that the equipment will be flooded. With this installation, the washing machine is located at a minimum distance from the wall. Typically, such machines have a depth of up to 45 cm.
Despite the fact that the washing machine under the sink has a miniature size, it is a complete appliance, the quality of washing remains at a high level. Of course, most consumers are interested in the functionality of such equipment. How high the degree of washing will be depends on the efficiency class of the machine, which is indicated in Latin from A to G, where A is the highest quality of washing, and G, respectively, is the lowest. I would like to note that if an ineffective detergent is used and the wrong temperature regime is used, this will also affect the cleanliness of the washed things.
When choosing household appliances, clearly define which functions are important to you and which are secondary, as a rule, compact and narrow washing machines support the main washing modes. Agree that if there is no "washing sports shoes" mode, it is hardly worth paying attention to. Very useful can be a "delay start" or a feature in which the drum of a top-loading machine will be with the lid to the top when it stops.
The cost of the machine depends on its capabilities and brand, the equipment of popular brands will require more significant acquisition costs. Don't hope that compact washing machines will cost less, on the contrary, the need to minimize machine controls significantly increases their price.

Small washing machines
Small washing machines
Small washing machines
Small washing machines Small washing machines Small washing machines

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