Which Pioneer TV is best?

Pioneer appeared a long time ago and immediately managed to present itself very well. Their electronics are excellent, and the prices are reasonable.
Their history is very long and there is simply no point and time to disassemble it all, but here is a specific period - five years, you can disassemble it. Also, you can not take the history of all electronics from this company. Let's take only their most common product. pioneer televisions.
Over the past five years, the company's TVs have completely changed their appearance several times. Not only the shell changed, but also the inside. Pioneer TVs had new features, old ones that turned out to be unnecessary died off. Model lines also changed. But one thing has always remained the same. And it's not about the various bells and whistles there, which no one needs at all, and not about the beautiful design. We are talking about the consistently chic picture quality on the pioneer TV screen. The quality has always remained the same.
Of course, many may disagree, answering that not everyone can afford such a TV, but quality should be sold for a good price. There is absolute certainty that if you go to a very good electronics store and ask for some TV with the most amazing picture quality, moreover, you ask an experienced consultant. You can say for sure that he will advise you on pioneer TVs. And this fact cannot be disputed.
Why do people buy pioneer TVs? Everything is very simple. First of all, there are no similar TVs on the market. No competitor to pioneer can boast the same picture quality on their TV. People who have already bought a TV set from pioneer say that they did not buy what they wanted at all. Everyone wants to buy just a good TV with a good picture, sound and so on. But when you buy a pioneer TV, you get something more. And it pleases you. Most likely this is not just a tool to help. which you can watch various programs and movies. This is a work of art. Assistant for your visualization.

Which Pioneer TV is best?
Which Pioneer TV is best?
Which Pioneer TV is best?
Which Pioneer TV is best? Which Pioneer TV is best? Which Pioneer TV is best?

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