New iPad 2 64gb White

Apple pleasantly surprises and delights us with its numerous and high-quality products, actively using advanced technologies.
Close attention was drawn to the iPad 2 64GB White model, which went on sale in 2011 in the spring, the tablet-computer retained all the advantages of the first generations, but at the same time, the developers invested new developments in it, while also updating the interface. The new model has a modern and stylish design, snow-white color, it is improved, and the case itself is very light and thin, which is very pleasant to hold. The tablet has two cameras with which you can take photos and videos, which is very convenient. Apple iPad 2 64GB White is equipped with a powerful 2-core processor. With the help of an HDMI drive, it is possible to use it both as a computer and as a TV, while the tablet's performance has not been affected, but rather improved. pollution. The energy carrier of the tablet is a lithium battery with a capacity of 25 watts per hour, with ten hours of operation, charging is done using a cable from the mains with an adapter and via USB from a computer. Safe operating temperature, 0 to 35° C, humidity 5 to 95%.
As always, Apple has not forgotten about environmental protection, this model is no exception, reducing its negative impact, the body is made of aluminum and glass, which are recyclable, the LED screen is free of mercury and arsenic,
also does not contain brominated flame retardants.
iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi 3G supports more than 40 languages and more than 20 vocabularies, extra large font, white on black, VoiceOver interface, etc.
Despite its slimness, the gadget works independently for no less time. The tablet with a good load lasted at least 11 hours. You can watch movies continuously for up to 6 hours, and the sound on the product is just perfect.
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New iPad 2 64gb White
New iPad 2 64gb White
New iPad 2 64gb White
New iPad 2 64gb White New iPad 2 64gb White New iPad 2 64gb White

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