How to choose a tablet computer

The popularity of tablet computers is currently only gaining momentum. Their dimensions, weight and functions are constantly evolving and keep pace with the development of computer technology. More and more companies offer tablets on the market and it is sometimes difficult for a simple layman to choose from this variety of devices. Here we will try to help you and answer the question: how to choose a tablet computer?
It is worth starting with definitions and finding out what is a tablet computer? In fact, several types of devices are hidden under one name. Consider the most common of them. It is tablet pc and internet tablet.
The first type is a normal full-fledged computer, the difference from a conventional stationary personal computer is only its form factor, in simple terms, it looks very much like a large tablet. To work with external devices, it has all possible interfaces and you can connect a keyboard and mouse to it and all the usual devices for working in the office. On such a computer, full versions of operating systems of the Windows family, or Linux or Mac OS are installed.
Separately, it should be said about the Internet tablet. It combines two devices, a smartphone and a laptop, and has the undeniable advantage of being compact. Despite their size, modern Internet tablets are quite functional and focused mainly on working on the Internet and web applications. Any Internet tablet is compatible with a personal computer and has the ability to connect to it for file sharing and other operations. The most common operating systems for such tablets are Android and iOS. It is on these systems that the vast majority of modern tablets are produced.
Now that the difference between Internet tablets and tablet computers has been determined, we can take a closer look at Internet tablets and find out what you should pay special attention to when choosing.
One of the main questions when buying any digital device that you yourself must answer is the question, why do I need it? What tasks do you need a tablet for? If you are looking for light weight, compactness, mobility, ease of use on the Internet and web surfing with games, then this device is for you.
Appearance and ergonomics
One of the main criteria for the buyer is the appearance of the device. As they say, they are met by their clothes. Today, you are offered hundreds of models from various manufacturers to choose from, all of them have their own chips, one of which may be the beauty of the device. In other words, there are no comrades for the taste and color. Here it is necessary to make a reservation that behind the external attractiveness there may be a poor filling or other unpleasant moments, for example, poor ergonomics of the tablet. In order to find out, there are two ways, the first is to read reviews about the device on specialized forums and websites, resorting to the help of experts, or to make sure that the device is easy to use by looking and examining it.
The filling of the tablet is another most important detail. The processor is the heart of the tablet, of course, it does not have the same power as desktop computers, because it does not perform complex mathematical operations. If you are an ordinary user and are usually going to surf the Internet in search of interesting information, then a processor with a clock frequency of 600-800 MHz is quite suitable for you. If you are going to play and watch videos, then pay attention to more powerful models.
First of all, it is worth distinguishing between RAM and built-in memory. The first affects the speed of operations, and the second is responsible for storing data. With RAM, everything is clear, the more it is, the better, as well as with the second one. It should be remembered that in order to increase the memory for storing information, memory cards are issued, so its volume can be increased.
Operating system
As mentioned above, the leaders in the tablet operating system market are Google with android and Apple with iOS. Windows Phone is called to step on their heels, but it is significantly inferior to the first two in popularity. There are many opinions about the advantages of one or the other operating system, here are some points to pay attention to:
By purchasing an ipad, you become a happy owner of iOS. It is fast, stable in operation and unusually attractive. Its disadvantages include a large number of paid applications, the inconvenience of downloading files from a computer and the lack of compatibility with the Flash player, that is, various animations with the swf extension will not be displayed on your iOS tablet.
If you have an android device, then you are the owner of perhaps the most "popular" operating system today. It is devoid of all the above disadvantages, flexible in settings, has the ability to update and a bunch of applications on the android market.
There are other operating systems for tablets, but they are not so popular in Russia and we will not pay attention to them.
Screen and diagonal
This characteristic can range from 4 to 11 inches. In many ways, the price of the device may depend on this parameter. If you want to comfortably surf the Internet, then a tablet computer with a diagonal of 10 inches is quite suitable for you.
Tablets have a touch screen, it is worth noting that there are capacitive and resistive varieties of touch screens. Capacitive ones respond to a light touch of the fingers, but are not suitable for touching the stylus, and resistive ones are designed for styluses, but the ability to touch with your fingers is also present, but you will have to put pressure on the screen with effort. At present, the capacitive variety of screens has become more widespread.
Battery life
A very important parameter to which you should pay close attention. The most energy-intensive part of a tablet is the screen, of course, the larger it is, the faster the battery drains. Pay attention to the battery capacity, it is desirable that it be at least 2400 mAh, this is enough for 4-6 hours of continuous operation.
Another important point is weight, it all depends on your preferences, today manufacturers have significantly facilitated their models thanks to technology and there will be no big problem in choosing.
Wireless adapters
Working on the Internet and web applications is the main purpose of tablets, so they must be equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G adapters. To date, third-generation networks and Wi-Fi wireless connections are available in Russia in almost any locality.
Tablet body
As a rule, the body is made of metal or plastic. Naturally, a metal case is much stronger than plastic. Please note that the case does not "crunch" in the hands and looks holistic. However, for all, without exception, Internet tablets, it is worth buying a case. It will save your tablet from scratches and unwanted stains.

How to choose a tablet computer
How to choose a tablet computer
How to choose a tablet computer
How to choose a tablet computer How to choose a tablet computer How to choose a tablet computer

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