Do-it-yourself portable refrigerator is easy!

With the advent of the warm season, there is a need for such a product as a car refrigerator. The goods are necessary, especially in conditions of remoteness from civilization, during outdoor recreation, if there is a long trip by car, and you never know there can be different situations. You can buy this thing in a store, but it’s expensive, but a hand-made refrigerator bag will allow you not only to feel like a master, but also save money for other needs.
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The principle of operation of this item is the same as that of a thermos. To create an auto-refrigerator with your own hands, you will need an ordinary shopping bag, the dimensions of which can be any, it all depends on your needs. You also have to purchase foil polyethylene foam (other variants of the name are teploizol, polyizol, isolon), double-sided and ordinary adhesive tape, scissors. Regarding the heat insulator - you can buy it at a hardware store, it is better if the foil is on both sides, the thicker the material, the better its thermal insulation properties will be, which means that your products will stay cold longer.
Stage one. It is required to cut out a heat insulator so that it fits the size of the bag. You should get a box, which you will later place in your bag. Note that you will also need a lid. To give the isolon the desired shape, use double-sided tape, it should be glued around the perimeter of the resulting bottom of the container. Then attach the side walls to this element and the thermal container is ready, it remains only to process the seams with adhesive tape, preferably aluminum, but you can do without it. Now insert the container into the bag - this is the final stage, the car refrigerator bag is ready. Of course, if you do not put cold accumulators in it, it will not work; ice from the freezer can be used as them.
Cold accumulators
It is quite possible to use plastic bottles, but they have a significant drawback - they take up a lot of space, and the cold return is small. It is much more efficient to use plastic bags with a zipper, since they are smaller and give off more cold. Choose the number of Zip Lock bags based on the size of your bag. Ice packs should be evenly distributed inside the grocery bag.
The practice of use proved that only after half a day the ice began to melt. To keep the temperature in the bag as cold as possible, you should open it less often.

Do-it-yourself portable refrigerator is easy!
Do-it-yourself portable refrigerator is easy!
Do-it-yourself portable refrigerator is easy!
Do-it-yourself portable refrigerator is easy! Do-it-yourself portable refrigerator is easy! Do-it-yourself portable refrigerator is easy!

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