HDTV ready?

If you've been to an electronics store in the last year, you've probably already noticed the labels on TVs that say "HDTV READY". However, this abbreviation does not mean at all that the TV will show HDTV. Most TVs currently on the market (summer 2006) can actually take a high-definition TV signal and… compress it down to the usual resolution of 720 by 576 pixels.
Real HDTV will only work on TVs with a "native" resolution of 1920 * 1080. But such TVs cost at least 2-3 thousand dollars. In addition, until now they have not been in Russia at all. Only in July 2006, I marked Acer and Philips LCD TVs in the KEY retail chain in St. Petersburg. The cost of the Acer TV was about $ 2,500.
Therefore, if your budget is limited, I recommend paying attention to LCD TVs with a resolution of 1280 by 720 that cost about $ 1,000.
You can also look at monitors with a large diagonal costing about $ 300.
Equipment designed for HDTV is more expensive than usual, but not by much.
HDTVs are divided into two groups: HDTV Upgradeable and HDTV Built-in. The first group can only show HD programs with an external HDTV receiver, which costs about $700. HDTV Built-in TVs can display HDTV channels without additional equipment. It should be noted here that it is assumed that a built-in receiver (ie receiver) is installed to receive an HDTV signal from terrestrial television. At the moment, you can catch HDTV on the air antenna only in the USA, France and England. In Russia, HDTV can only watch satellite HDTV channels. The opening of cable channels is only planned. Therefore, buying an HDTV Built-in TV is extremely unwise. To complete the picture, it should be noted that since June 2004, only TVs with built-in tuners are sold in the USA.

HDTV ready?
HDTV ready?
HDTV ready?
HDTV ready? HDTV ready? HDTV ready?

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