Differences between Roomba and other models

There are a lot of gadgets today. Various phones, readers, alarm clocks, cameras and many others.
Even ordinary household appliances are increasingly becoming gadgets. And it's not just about TVs, which are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from a computer. Now even vacuum cleaners are becoming gadgets, a vivid example of such a gadget is the roomba robot vacuum cleaner.
The first thing that comes to mind is the question of how can a vacuum cleaner become a gadget? There is only a motor and brushes with hoses. But that is already in the past. After all, carrying a vacuum cleaner around the room and getting dust and debris from the darkest nooks and crannies, with your own hands, is a rather stupid task. Why waste your time on this when you can do something more useful and interesting, go shopping and buy custom sofas, go to the cinema, go out with friends or enjoy the theater. And vacuuming, you can entrust the vacuum cleaner itself, which will do an excellent job of it.
Very often, in science fiction films, we see various cleaning robots that do all the work for a person, and after completion, they turn off. It turns out that such robots exist and even have their own name, the robot vacuum cleaner roomba, from iRobot. This robotic vacuum cleaner is specially designed for self-cleaning.
Let's talk more about the work of this gadget.
Such a robot has several modes of cleaning the apartment. The first mode is called “remove now”. To do this, just press one Clean button, the robot immediately turns on and goes to clean the room. After the launch, the robot starts moving around the room, as it seems at first glance chaotically, but in fact the robot works as planned, it will finish cleaning the entire area of the room in about 20-30 minutes.
The trajectory of the roomba robot is by no means chaotic. Quite complex algorithms are used to select the trajectory: the robot constantly receives new data from the sensors located on it, and later begins to analyze how best to move in a spiral, along the perimeter or by crossing the room. Depending on how large the cleaning area is, the robot counts the time until the end of its work.
The cleaning process itself, at the roomba robot, is divided into three levels - the side brush cleans the floor along the baseboards, as well as in the corners of the room, the garbage goes to the main brushes, there are two of them in the robot, each of which spins in different directions, the brushes perfectly clean the surface . Garbage is raked into a specially designated garbage bin, the robot also removes the remaining dirt, a fine filter is necessary for cleaning the smallest debris.

Differences between Roomba and other models
Differences between Roomba and other models
Differences between Roomba and other models
Differences between Roomba and other models Differences between Roomba and other models Differences between Roomba and other models

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