Colors of iPod Nano models

The iPod nano, which is a 6th generation player, differs significantly from other generations. There is no mechanical control, which was carried out using the Click Wheel ring, but a touch screen has appeared that supports multi-touch. However, the absence of the ring meant that many useful features of the ipod nano simply disappeared.
The Apple iPod nano 6G has a fairly large 8/16 GB memory. It supports the following formats: MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless (audio), JPEG (photo). Display player ipod nano - 1.54 inches, a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. Size - 41 * 38 * 9 mm, weight - 21 grams.
The player comes with a transparent plastic box, headphones, a wire so that the player can be connected to a computer, and a sticker with the Apple logo.
The shape of the ipod nano player is square, the dimensions are compact, the case is metal. However, the undoubted minus of the player is that the color scheme has become more faded when compared with previous models.
Along with the touch screen, you can control the player using the volume keys and the button to turn the screen on or off.
The difference between ipod nano players is that instead of a standard USB output, it has a proprietary connector.
The player's interface is a hybrid between iOS and earlier iPods. 14 icons on four desktops represent the functions of the player. Icons can be placed as it is convenient for the owner. The disadvantage of the new model is that the speed and accuracy of moving through the lists of the work have become much less than with older models. The advantage is that the volume control is more convenient, since it has become “blind”, however, with this plus there are new disadvantages - it is impossible to blindly control playback, which is very inconvenient, because the iPod nano 6G player is presented by the creators as excellent and the most the best solution for runners and other athletes. Also a big minus of the model is that the player does not produce video files.
If we again turn to the pluses, then this is undoubtedly an FM radio. Good reception quality, a huge number of stations can be added to the list of favorite stations, the “live pause” mode, in which the player can buffer 15 minutes of the air, distinguishes this model from others.
The battery life of the iPod nano 6G is 24 hours, but in practice it works for about 30 hours, which is a very big plus for the model.
Thus, the advantages of the Apple iPod nano 6G are as follows:
- light weight and compact size
- clothespin for carrying the player on clothes
- great radio
- the player can be used as a clock,
and the cons are:
- small screen and questionable quality
- the interface is not user-friendly
- it is impossible to control the player "blindly"
- does not support video
- if there are no external accessories, then the recorder is useless
- maximum volume - low.

Colors of iPod Nano models
Colors of iPod Nano models
Colors of iPod Nano models
Colors of iPod Nano models Colors of iPod Nano models Colors of iPod Nano models

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