ARDO quality and reliability

Despite the huge number of manufacturers of washing machines that are currently fighting for the "hand and heart" of the domestic consumer, Ardo branded equipment still stands out among the entire legion of washing machines. It fell in love with domestic consumers for its simplicity and undemanding to operating conditions, as well as for exceptional reliability, which is rare even for cars of the highest price category. This was made possible thanks to the most stringent quality control, thanks to which defective products simply have no chance of leaving the production area.
All ARDO equipment is produced only at factories in Italy, where every stage of production is carefully monitored, then the finished products are subjected to strict testing in operating mode. You can buy good household appliances directly from the warehouse and get a significant discount.
Product quality and process automation are characteristic of all stages of production. After assembling the blanks and welding, before the final painting, the hulls are treated with caphoresis. This treatment guarantees reliable protection of the metal against corrosion. Tanks are made of two types: steel enameled and stainless steel. Tanks of the first type are fired at a temperature of 800 degrees, which guarantees them protection against corrosion, and increases the reliability of the washing machine. Stainless steel tanks in ARDO washing machines are known for their high durability.
The subject of special attention is the production process of stainless steel drums. In their manufacture, it is necessary to observe high precision and thoroughness of processing, since they are the main element that ensures high quality washing. With seven assembly lines, which guarantee flexibility in production and the ability to quickly change to new models, Antonio Merloni manufactures a complete range of products to meet a variety of customer needs.
Visual and electronic control eliminates the presence of external and internal defects. After checking the Ardo washing machines on a special stand, the possibility of water leakage is completely excluded. Before shipment, several washing machines from a batch are randomly inspected in the laboratory to check the efficiency of work and the level of product quality. Reliability testing is carried out in the laboratory - several washing cycles and mechanical stresses simulate a variety of working conditions. New models are tested in the prototype laboratory, and components are checked for compliance with the specified characteristics of the materials. All refrigerators and freezers are computer controlled. Fifteen climatic chambers create a variety of environmental conditions. Noise level is controlled in acoustic chambers. Component parts coming from suppliers are also subject to verification. In recent years, the aim and activity of the company has been to plan and implement investments aimed at being able to counter competition at the European level.
The quality of goods is confirmed by international certificates, including ISO 9001. ARDO products are certified in Russia, they received the right to use the Rostest mark. At the same time, the quality is successfully combined with the price of refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and hoods.

ARDO quality and reliability
ARDO quality and reliability
ARDO quality and reliability
ARDO quality and reliability ARDO quality and reliability ARDO quality and reliability

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