Which refrigerator is better to buy?

In times not so distant from us, our ancestors were forced to go to all sorts of tricks that would allow them to keep their food fresh. For example, many peoples living in the North continue to build glaciers in the basements of their houses to this day: electricity in those places regularly disappears, and no one wants to get food poisoning because of this ... Fortunately, we have refrigerators, an abundance models which amazes even the most demanding customers. And these are no longer just “refrigerator chests”, but the most complex devices that can independently access the Internet ... Therefore, before buying, you should understand a little about the theory of choosing refrigerators!
In addition to traditional single-chamber refrigerators, there are two-chamber refrigerators and multi-chamber refrigerators. The relatively simple design of single-chamber refrigerators allows them to combine a very high degree of reliability with an affordable price. The most significant drawback of such models is the need for periodic defrosting of a "coat" of ice on the walls of the freezer.
Many modern refrigerators have three chambers. The third chamber is the zero temperature chamber, or "freshness zone". It is intended for storage of perishable products. The most widespread are combined two-chamber refrigerators with a refrigerator and a freezer. You can choose any combination of chamber volumes depending on your food storage needs.
Two-chamber refrigerators can work both from one compressor and from two. The latter option is less economical, but more convenient, for example, when defrosting, you can turn off any of the cameras. The freezer, located under the refrigerator and consisting of several sections, requires an average of 2 defrosting per year.
If the refrigerator has a No Frost system, then it does not need to be defrosted at all, but it is recommended to turn it off at least once a year for preventive cleaning. The refrigerator compartment, for most models, operates in auto-defrost (or auto-defrost) mode, i.e. the refrigerator gets rid of condensed moisture without your participation.
The refrigerator is controlled in two ways: electromechanical and electronic. The latter implies that the refrigerator has an electronic control panel with a digital display and a remote control that displays all the necessary data about its operation. Electromechanical control is more familiar to many. It is carried out by simply turning the thermostat knob inside the refrigerator compartment or outside it on the top plane of the cabinet. These main characteristics will help you quickly navigate when choosing a refrigerator in our catalog.
The most popular brands of refrigerators: refrigerators Atlant, Ariston, Stinol, Indesit, Bosch, Saratov, Siemens.
Energy consumption is a characteristic that, of all the other parameters of the refrigerator, will most affect the state of your wallet after buying a refrigerator. Therefore, when choosing a model, pay special attention to this parameter (sometimes the words “energy efficiency” and “economy class” are used).
The energy class is indicated on the sticker on the refrigerator and in the product description and is determined in the range of values from A to G, where:
from A to C - very economical and economy class
D - intermediate value
from E to G - high and very high power consumption.
Everything goes to the fact that after some time the concept of “class Super A” will also be introduced into the international classification, for refrigerators that already exist, and whose energy consumption indicators are much lower than the usual class A.
Given Russian realities, it can be noted that increased electricity consumption with relatively low payments for it will not hit the consumer's pocket hard - while improved models that save electricity usually cost more.
Therefore, when choosing between an economical model and its “uneconomical” counterparts, try to figure out which is less: the difference in their cost or the cost of consuming extra kilowatt / hours for a certain period (1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years). The calculation is rather arbitrary (electricity may rise in price, or it may fall in price), but it will allow you to at least somehow orient yourself in the dry figures of the characteristics.
However, there are other ways to save costs and save energy that do not require any additional effort:
1. Cool hot food to room temperature before placing it in the refrigerator;
2. Avoid unnecessary opening of the door and do not leave it open for a long time;
3. Change the position of the thermostat depending on the filling of the refrigerator with products;
4. If you are not going to store food in the freezer for months, then do not set the lowest storage temperature there;
Do not place the refrigerator near stoves, ovens, radiators or similar heat sources.

Which refrigerator is better to buy?
Which refrigerator is better to buy?
Which refrigerator is better to buy?
Which refrigerator is better to buy? Which refrigerator is better to buy? Which refrigerator is better to buy?

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