Which freezer should I choose?

In our time, when people have finally learned to value their health, household appliances that help them in this are becoming increasingly important. For example, freezers can be classified as such. And the point here is not even the quality of food preservation, but the volume of food stored. Admit it: after all, in the summer, you must have thought more than once that it would be nice to freeze as many fruits and vegetables as possible for the winter. The only problem is that the standard freezer compartment of an ordinary refrigerator simply cannot accommodate everything ... But the notorious freezers have such an opportunity!
Freezer architecture
There are vertical and horizontal freezers. The first, also called freezers, have a height of 65 to 200 cm and look like refrigerators. Some manufacturers produce refrigerators and freezers with the same design: such devices, when placed side by side, complement the interior of the kitchen very well. Horizontal freezers or chest freezers are drawers that open up. With equal dimensions, the volume of the horizontal freezer is somewhat larger than the vertical one, and the power consumption is lower, however, it can be difficult to “prescribe” such a device in your home.
Number of compressors
It is desirable that the freezer you purchase has two compressors. In this case, the freezer resource will be longer. In addition, dual-compressor freezers sometimes also have two independent compartments, which allows you to store different products at different temperatures, or defrost them one by one.
Freezing class in freezers
To indicate the freezing class, it is customary to use symbols in the form of symbols *. At the same time, the freezing class also affects the maximum duration of storage of products. The following designations are currently accepted:
* — 6° С and shelf life up to 7 days
** - 12° С and shelf life up to 30 days
*** - 18°C and shelf life up to 90 days
**** — temperature below -18° С. Shelf life up to one year
There are also freezers in which all boxes operate in different modes. These freezers are very convenient to use, and we recommend that you take a closer look at them.
Freezing ability
The freezing capacity of the freezer is characterized by the mass of food that can be frozen within 24 hours and depends on the compressor power and the freezing class.
Cold storage function
In the event of a power outage, the freezer, which has the function of accumulating cold, is able to perform its functions for a long time. The cameras have this possibility due to the presence of containers with a special liquid in them. This liquid has a high heat capacity, it cools very slowly and then just as slowly "gives off cold". In areas where the power supply is unstable, it is recommended to purchase freezers that have this function.
Quick freeze mode
This mode allows you to freeze products as quickly as possible and thereby prevent the loss of vitamins and other biologically active substances. In order to increase the speed of freezing food to the maximum, it is necessary to turn on the fast freezing mode 4-5 hours before loading food into the freezer. In this case, the loaded food will cool very quickly and will not have time to warm the vegetables and fruits that were frozen earlier.

Which freezer should I choose?
Which freezer should I choose?
Which freezer should I choose?
Which freezer should I choose? Which freezer should I choose? Which freezer should I choose?

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