How to choose a refrigerator?

Modern models of refrigerators differ from their predecessors not only in appearance, but also in new modern materials, as well as a set of functions that allow you to store a wide variety of products for a long time. Built-in appliances have become a new solution in the interior design of kitchens, and along with stoves, ovens, washing machines and dishwashers, the concept of “built-in refrigerators” has appeared. Compared to free-standing models, they have some advantages: higher efficiency in operation due to better thermal insulation of the walls, lower noise level, since decorative furniture panels significantly “quench” the sound. And, of course, built-in refrigerators harmoniously fit into the kitchen environment and provide convenient access to their contents at any time.
Manufacturers of household appliances offer consumers models of various sizes, shapes and even colors. But in order to choose the best option, you need to know what parameters you should pay attention to.
Refrigerator dimensions and model features
First of all, it is necessary to determine the volume of the refrigerator, and hence its dimensions. For a family of 1-2 people, a compact model that is not large in size is suitable. As a rule, these are single-chamber refrigerators up to 1 meter high, including a refrigerator and a small freezer compartment. In some ways, they may resemble modest old models that had to be thawed by hand. But now almost all refrigerators are equipped with the No Frost system, which prevents the formation of frost on the walls of the chamber (for Liebherr refrigerators, this name is spelled together - Nofrost). An example of such refrigerators is the Bosch KIF 20A50 model
A family of 3-4 people will need a larger model. Here it is already worth paying attention to the refrigerator with a spacious main compartment and a freezer that closes with a separate door. The height of such models reaches 1.9 meters, the interior space is usually divided into three zones: refrigeration, freezing and a zero temperature zone, familiar to most consumers as a “freshness zone”. If there are no questions about the first two sections, then the third one needs some clarification. The compartment, which occupies up to a fifth of the main space of the refrigerator, is designed specifically for storing perishable products. Defrosting such a refrigerator is quite simple: as a rule, only the freezer compartment needs to be completely defrosted, the refrigeration compartment is equipped with the same No Frost system.
Two-compartment refrigerators can work either with one compressor or with two, and both options have their advantages. The first is more economical in operation, but the second allows you to turn off and defrost any of the cameras, leaving the second in working order. And this, as experience shows, is much more convenient.
And finally, large side-by-side refrigerators. Owners of spacious kitchens can afford these, because this is perhaps the most spacious and overall type of refrigerator. Literally, side-by-side is translated - “side by side”, which is true: the cameras are located next to each other and open with the help of two swing doors. The height of the models varies from 1.7 to 1.9 meters, the width can reach 1.2 m, and the total usable volume is from 520 to 800 liters. Despite the impressive size of refrigerators, you will not have problems with defrosting: No Frost technology is a mandatory standard in them, for example, the Gaggenau IK 300-354 combined freestanding three-chamber refrigerator "Side by Side"
The side-by-side models have multiple temperature zones, including a zero temperature sealed chamber and a variable humidity compartment. Almost all refrigerators of this type provide an additional possibility of cooling drinks: in a special compartment on the door, the temperature is maintained 3 degrees lower than in the main chamber. In addition, the built-in ice maker allows you to get about 4 kg of ice per day without the tedious pouring of water into molds and the subsequent separation of frozen cubes from them. Through a hose connected to the water supply, water will enter the filter with replaceable cartridges, and then, purified from impurities, will enter the ice formation compartment. Convenient, simple and very effective.
However, when choosing the dimensions of the refrigerator, one should not forget about the issues of its delivery to the installation site. Keep in mind that it must pass through the doors of the apartment and kitchen - as a minimum, and as a maximum - fit in an elevator that will take your purchase to the desired floor. Well, if you have already settled on the side-by-side model, be prepared to make a non-standard decision: you may have to remove the doors in the apartment. The only consolation is that these inconveniences are temporary.
Camera Location
The item is not required, rather, seen as a matter of usability. If the refrigerator has two or more chambers, it would be nice to decide where the freezer compartment should be located - at the top or bottom of it. If you prefer to cook mostly frozen and semi-finished products and use the freezer several times a day, there is simply no point in squatting in front of it. For those who open the refrigerator door more often, it is more convenient to choose a model where the freezer is located under the refrigerator, as is done in the Bosch KIV 38X00 model
Freezing Ability
This characteristic is often indicated on the freezer door or, if the refrigerator is single-chamber, next to the operation indicators. Two snowflakes indicate that the maximum temperature in the freezer is -12 ° C, three indicate that this value reaches -18 ° C, and with the image of four snowflakes, you can safely count on everything -24 ° C.
The refrigerator can be controlled both electromechanically and electronically. The first is the most familiar and simple: switching on and off is done by pressing the buttons, and the desired mode is set by turning the thermostat knobs. The second method uses an electronic panel with a digital display and a control panel. With their help, you can set the desired temperature to the nearest degree, which cannot be done with manual control, but if you have a display, you will have to take care of buying a good voltage stabilizer.
Considering that the basic functions of refrigerators with different control methods are almost the same, the choice of model for this parameter is completely up to you.
According to this criterion, refrigerators are divided into models with manual defrosting and automatic. The mention of the first option only emphasizes the advantages of the second, which does not require human intervention. Condensate defrosting occurs automatically on the rear inner wall of the refrigerator compartment, where the evaporator is located. Water flows into a special groove at the bottom of the refrigeration chamber and leaves through a special hole in the bath above the compressor, and there, under the influence of the heat generated by it, it evaporates.
Additional refrigerator features
In addition to the No Frost system, which prevents the formation of ice in the refrigerator compartment, many models of modern refrigerators have a number of additional functions.
Air Shower ensures the creation and maintenance of a low-temperature regime and air circulation, due to which there is a kind of ventilation of the refrigerating chamber.
BioFresh is a function that allows you to regulate the temperature and humidity level in the chamber, thereby creating all the necessary conditions for storing various types of products. High humidity contributes to the long-term preservation of the freshness of vegetables, fruits, herbs.
The MagicEye multifunctional display located on the door displays information about the operation of the refrigerator.
Coolmatic provides fast forced cooling with fan-guided airflows. After 6 hours have elapsed after the activation of this function, the normal temperature setting is restored.
Antibacterial protection is provided by coating the walls and the inner surface of the door of the refrigerator compartment with a polymer based on silver ions. This feature is available in a number of models from Bosch, Siemens and some other manufacturers.
Crisp Fresh is a filter built into the shelf for storing vegetables and allowing them to stay fresh for a long time.
The GlassLight system is an LED lighting built into the shelves that allows you to quickly orient yourself in the system of shelves and the location of products.
Cooler is a device for cooling and heating drinking water built into the refrigerator door, consisting of a tank, one or two taps and an inverted bottle of water attached to the top. In the tank, water, depending on the task, is heated or cooled, after which it is supplied through a tap.
Sound signal - the ability to signal the open door of the refrigerator.
The SilverClean antibacterial system, developed by Neff refrigerator manufacturers, prevents the settling and growth of harmful bacteria. It is based on the action of silver ions, which are part of the material for the walls and the inner surface of the door of the refrigerating chamber. Refrigerators equipped with the SilverClean system will never smell bad and food will last longer.
The presence of a removable partition between the boxes, which allows storing bulky products, is called differently in refrigerators of different brands. Miele has VarioRoom, Liebherr has VarioSpace, AEG has VarioBox. Manufacturers have equipped freezers with glass shelves and pull-out containers for more convenient placement of products. All these elements can be simply removed if necessary, leaving enough space for larger products.
The SuperCool function provides fast and high-quality air cooling with the help of a special fan. Multidirectional air flows cool the contents of the chamber from all sides, which is especially important for products that have just been placed in the refrigerator. LG has the same feature called Multi Air Flow.
The SuperFrost mode allows you to quickly freeze a large number of products at a temperature of -32 ... -38 ° C, which preserves their taste and ensures longer storage. The mode is turned off automatically, as the entire volume of products is frozen.
The FrostControl function, developed by Liebherr, monitors the temperature in the freezer and, in the event of an increase, turns on sound and light signals. The FrostControl indicator will allow you to take action in time and use the SuperFrost mode if the food starts to defrost as a result of a power outage.
Freestanding or built-in
This point is also very important. Now, when built-in appliances are slowly but surely replacing “solo” models, when the stove is being replaced by a hob and oven, when even microwave ovens are “hiding” in the bowels of elegant cabinets, refrigerator manufacturers are increasingly expanding the production of fully built-in models. Of course, they are much more expensive than their stand-alone "brothers", because the requirements for them are much higher. Firstly, a minimum of vibrations so that wooden furniture does not become a kind of resonator box, and the hum of the motor is not heard throughout the kitchen. Secondly, thermal insulation. Refrigerators "solo" should not be closely adjacent to furniture and walls and a special requirement is the distance between the refrigerator and the radiator. Fully built-in models can be placed where it is convenient for you, and only you.
And finally, consider the purely aesthetic side of choosing a refrigerator. The classic white models are still the most popular, but now they are also available in colors: yellow, steel, with a wood-like finish, the color of Liebherr CPes 40030 stainless steel. However, the most harmonious refrigerator will fit into the interior only if it has the door will be exactly the same panel as the facades of kitchen furniture. And this is only possible if you buy an embedded model.
Wine coolers or wine cabinets
Connoisseurs of good wines, who have the opportunity to purchase them in large quantities, will have to acquire a special unit for storing this precious drink. As you know, in order for the wine not to lose its properties, it is necessary to provide not only a certain temperature, but also humidity. It is for this purpose that a number of manufacturers of household appliances have developed and launched the production of wine cabinets.
Just like refrigerators, "storages" for wines differ from each other in size and capabilities. Therefore, the question of how to choose a wine cabinet requires separate consideration. In short, we can say that adherents of certain types of wines may well get by with single-temperature models, but lovers of variety will have to take care of buying multi-temperature ones. Moreover, the more expensive the wine cabinet, the more opportunities it has for proper storage of a wide variety of wines - white and red, fortified and sparkling. Wine cooler model Miele KWL 4712 SG ed
Financial opportunities
When choosing a refrigerator, you will inevitably face a financial issue, namely, how much money to leave in the store in order to get a good result in the kitchen. Each manufacturer usually offers different options for equipment - from budget to elite models, so it is quite possible to find a model for your pocket. However, it is worth remembering that, unlike other types of household appliances, a refrigerator is usually bought for many years: its dimensions are rather big, and its weight does not allow you to simply take out the old one and put in a new one. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully about whether to save money when buying or to purchase a really good model from one of the world-renowned manufacturers.
The famous "label" on the refrigerator is not just a beautiful design of the door. This is a confirmation of quality, a sign that the company is responsible for its product. Over time, everything changes, and household appliances have new functions and capabilities. Knowing this, hurry up now to buy one of the most modern models of the refrigerator, as a result you will not regret your decision. Yes, you will have to pay a serious amount at a time, but then you will be able to use your purchase for many years and even decades without worrying about its repair and the need to replace it.
Inexpensive models of elite refrigerators:
Built-in refrigerator Miele K 9414 iF
Built-in refrigerator Kuppersbusch IKE 247-8
Refrigerator Liebherr CP 40030
How to decide on a brand
It is perhaps unrealistic to single out a brand from the general mass of manufacturers that could be called the best, most reliable, prestigious. Your taste, or maybe even intuition, will tell you how to find the right model among many with similar functions, but made by different manufacturers. As a rule, each brand, in addition to standard features, offers something of its own, special. Miele, for example, has developed a unique GlassLight backlight system, Bosch specialists have come up with and implemented a new superfreeze mode.
An important thing when choosing a product of a certain brand is the presence of a company service center in your city. However, when buying products from major manufacturers such as Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Miele, Kuppersbusch, Liebherr, Neff or Zanussi, you don’t have to worry about this.
Service life and warranty
The service life of modern refrigerators, subject to all operating rules, is from 10 to 15 years, and some manufacturers, for example, Miele, are talking about a more serious period. As experience shows, good models serve much longer, and if they become obsolete, then morally. This means that more perfect, well-thought-out and equipped with new functions refrigerators appear during the specified time, which does not prevent the old ones from working, working and working. But despite the significant service life, the warranty for refrigeration equipment is quite modest - from 1 to 2 years, and the second option will cost customers more.

How to choose a refrigerator?
How to choose a refrigerator?
How to choose a refrigerator?
How to choose a refrigerator? How to choose a refrigerator? How to choose a refrigerator?

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