When to choose an LCD TV

When the bright moment comes to make a conscious decision to change your old TV, the question immediately arises, what should the new one be like? Is it worth choosing a time-tested LCD screen, or is it better to buy a heaped up Plasma? it becomes useful to objectively understand the advantages and disadvantages of each option in order to make the best choice for an LCD TV or any other.
How the screen on a CRT functions is known. Electrons passing through the ray tube knock out photons. Each highlighted dot on the screen takes on its own color due to the mixing of red, blue, and green shades. The joint activity of all points creates a meaningful image on the screen. The screen flicker frequency should be standard - frames per second. A CRT TV has the following main disadvantages:
- overall device;
- Harmful to health by electromagnetic radiation;
- The screen image may flicker.
The choice of LCD TV can be overshadowed by such information. In addition, an LCD TV may not be as bright or contrasty as a plasma TV. Have smaller viewing angles.
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The plasma screen has no image flicker and radiation, which is safer for the human body. But the LCD TV consumes much less electricity. The choice of TV can be based on the cost of the device. In this case, you should immediately outline your preferences regarding the size of the screen diagonal. If the purpose of the purchase is a large wide TV, it is more profitable to purchase a plasma, and with a small diagonal, an LCD TV.
A significant disadvantage of a plasma screen is its burn-in, as a result of which the plasma lasts for a shorter number of years compared to an LCD TV. The latter has a much lower operating temperature of the device, and they are not afraid of highlighting pixels.
It is extremely difficult to definitely make a preference in favor of a particular technology and make a specific choice of a TV. It is worth remembering the general downward trend in prices, as well as the need to research the entire offer of devices.

When to choose an LCD TV
When to choose an LCD TV
When to choose an LCD TV
When to choose an LCD TV When to choose an LCD TV When to choose an LCD TV

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