Indesit washing machines

If washing machines could be awarded the title, the Indesit washing machine would receive the status of a national one - it is extremely easy to maintain, picky, economical water consumption, compared to analogues, it has a low price. There are many cases when the washing machine of this brand has served for more than 15-20 years. But, even when the equipment becomes unusable, you don’t want to part with it, and why, if a simple repair can extend the life of the device for a few more years?
There are many models of the brand Indesit, over the past 10 years the following series of models have become most widespread: WIE, WIU, WITL, WISL, W, WT. The bearings of the household appliance tank break most often. This is due to incorrect lubrication of the oil seal, as a result - the oil seal lasts only 1-3 years, then it starts to leak, water getting on the bearings contributes to rust. Result - the machine is out of order.
Due to the fact that the production technology has been changed - now the two parts of the tank cannot be disassembled, since soldering is used, the repair of Indesit washing machines has become much more complicated, it is necessary either to change the entire tank, which will cost too much to the client, or to cut the tank, then connect its elements using screws. Naturally, customers prefer the second method, which allows them to save significantly. In the future, the replacement of bearings is carried out without difficulty.
The main characteristic malfunctions of washing machines are torn drive belts, burnt out heating elements, and pump failure. Sometimes the rubber band framing the hatch of the washing machine becomes unusable, the handle of the hatch may break, in especially severe cases, the hatch requires a complete replacement. Particular attention is required to a malfunction of the instrument control module, which can be either mechanical or electronic. In some situations, it may be necessary to flash the memory card.
It is worth noting one point, Indesit washing machine, which does not require expensive maintenance. What does this mean? All spare parts can be bought at normal prices, if you had to repair a washing machine from some other company, it would cost a lot. In order for the machine to serve longer, it is necessary to operate it correctly, then the Indesit washing machine will be your reliable assistant for many years to come.

Indesit washing machines
Indesit washing machines
Indesit washing machines
Indesit washing machines Indesit washing machines Indesit washing machines

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