How to choose a washer-dryer

Like any household appliance, products with a drying function are certified according to several indicators: the quality of washing, spinning, drying, and energy efficiency. According to the first three parameters, most modern combined devices belong to the highest class A. Less common are models with washing, spinning or drying classes B or C.
Basically, these are products of the budget price segment.
The situation is somewhat different with the energy consumption of washer-dryers. To dry things qualitatively, a large amount of electricity is required, which is not always possible to reduce costs. Therefore, the energy consumption of many devices of this type is approximately 0.19-0.23 kWh/kg and corresponds to class B.
There are devices on the market that consume more electricity. In terms of energy consumption, they are classified as the lowest class C.
And only the most advanced models are characterized by low energy consumption, corresponding to class A (0.17-0.19 kWh / kg).
Washing machine operation
Sometimes, laundry can be damp, dry, or wrinkled after washing and drying, which wears it out quickly. This happens for various reasons: either the household appliances are out of order and need to be taken to a service center, or, which most often happens, the operating mode of the device was selected incorrectly.
You can avoid these troubles if you follow simple generally accepted rules.
Washing, spinning and drying programs should always be selected according to the fabric type of the garments. Never load more things than indicated in the accompanying documentation. To dry thick cotton or linen fabrics, it is advisable to use hot air, but it is better to pour cool air over thin things.
Before packing items, make sure they are suitable for washing and drying in the machine. All the necessary information is usually indicated on the labels for underwear. So, in the open air, you need to hang products with a lot of metal, wooden or plastic fittings, especially delicate things (synthetic curtains, wool, silk, nylon stockings). Drying in the machine is not recommended for items with foam pads, voluminous items such as warm jackets, bedspreads, sleeping bags, duvets.

How to choose a washer-dryer
How to choose a washer-dryer
How to choose a washer-dryer
How to choose a washer-dryer How to choose a washer-dryer How to choose a washer-dryer

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