How to choose a DVR

A car recorder is a very useful device for car enthusiasts that allows you to record audio and video traffic information from a car. Today, among a bunch of accidents and controversial transport situations, such a thing is vital for the driver of any car.
Most often, DVRs are used to prove their innocence in a particular problem, whether it be an accident, a transport set-up, or illegal actions of traffic police officers. Next, let's try to answer the question: how to choose a DVR and figure out what it is in detail!
Among the fast-paced scientific and technological progress and a bunch of manufacturers offering their digital technology, it is very easy to get confused in the names and terms. What is the difference between one or the other device? What "pitfalls" await you when choosing? What questions do consumers face and what should you first of all pay attention to when choosing a DVR for a car?
DVR mounting method
An important parameter related more to the mechanics than to the electronics of the device. For long-term trouble-free operation, the device must be securely fixed in the right place in the car and, most importantly, have a good view without attracting the driver's attention and not distracting him from the situation on the road.
Universal registrars with fastening on glass. They are usually attached to the glass with an ordinary suction cup. Portable recorders of this type are very easy to install. Any person without unnecessary troubles and problems will independently install such a device in his car. Also, there will be no difficulties with the angle of inclination of the registrar, such a mount is very convenient to use. The Achilles' heel of this type of mount is its lack of reliability and lack of security. The problem can be especially acute during the off-season and in winter, when the temperature difference in the car when the air conditioner is turned on is significant. In addition, such a registrar has to be hidden more often, since being in a conspicuous place, it attracts too much attention to itself. Another negative point is the power supply of the recorder, it is possible only from the cigarette lighter, it will not work to connect the device in another way.
Car retainers built into the rear view glass. Here, first of all, it is worth noting the reliability of fastening the device and the good location and secrecy of the registrar (it will not need to be hidden from prying eyes and constantly removed at night). In addition, there is constantly email. power supply to the car. Another interesting point is the aggregation of functions. As nice additions to devices of this type, you can find a monitor for connecting a rear view camera, or, for example, a radar detector. The disadvantages include only the high cost of the device and the installation of the DVR, since it will definitely have to be installed in a specialized auto center.
Video recorders with separately connected cameras. Such registrars structurally consist of a separate video recording unit, a camera and a monitor for viewing the captured video. The peculiarity of the video recording unit is that with its help you can connect several cameras at the same time and record the traffic situation from several viewpoints. In this case, you definitely do not risk missing an important detail of the incident. It is difficult to detect such a device, since the unit is installed hidden, for example, under the dashboard of a car. Cameras can be placed everywhere, in front and behind the car. This solution is the most convenient and professional. The complexity of installation and price are compensated by the convenience of design and use.
The optics and lens play one of the fundamental roles in the DVR, since it is with the help of them that the image is captured. At what to fix the image and shoot the DVR should not only the situation in the car, but also far beyond its borders. Therefore, the angle of view of the lens should also play a decisive role in the choice. If the viewing angle is less than the interval of 90 to 1400, then we do not recommend purchasing it, since there is a chance that an important detail of an accident or other situation will simply slip away from your attention or not get into the frame, information about cars going in the next lane is especially relevant. You should also be wary of a large viewing angle, since in this case the image may be distorted and it becomes impossible to recognize some important details, such as a car number.
Saving and processing images
In order to view the video on your computer, you must record the video in digital format. In this regard, you need to pay close attention to a number of parameters that are responsible for image quality:
Image resolution is perhaps the most important characteristic. Today's DVRs allow you to save videos at different resolutions. From VGA 640 by 480 to Full HD from 1920 by 1080 pixels. Everyone knows that the higher the resolution, the more detailed the images and videos from the recorder will be. Sometimes this is very important if you need to consider the small details of a car, such as state. number or make of the vehicle.
The number of frames per second. Also the most important parameter. It shows the number of frames taken per second of time. This characteristic is also called the recording speed of the DVR. The higher the number of frames, the better the video will be and you will be able to track the dynamics of an accident or other important points. Today's DVRs allow you to shoot at a speed of at least 25 frames per second.
File extension or format. Modern software allows you to compress video so that the loss of image quality is minimal. This is primarily due to the fact that the memory card capacity of the DVR is very limited, and compression allows you to reduce the size of the recorded file in real time, thereby saving the device's memory. Thanks to this, you can view video files for a long period of time. The most popular file formats today are AVI with MJPEG or H.264 codecs. It is worth noting that more compact files allow you to create the H.264 codec and its possible modifications.
Saving video. To do this, video recorders use standard memory cards. Their format is SD or Micro Sd (T-Flash). The most important characteristic is undoubtedly the size of the memory card, the larger it is, the longer the time interval will be available for recording. The cost of SD-cards is more acceptable than their counterparts.
DVR Features
Which DVR to choose? When buying, pay attention to the following features:
Built-in monitor
One of the most convenient features is the built-in monitor. If there is no monitor, pay attention to whether there is an external output for connecting to an external video receiver in your car.
Auto start and auto turn off the video recorder when starting or stopping the car engine
Everything is clear from the name. The driver often forgets to turn off the DVRs, so automatic turn off / on will be most welcome.
Overwriting files
Recording time of car registrars is limited and is up to 5 minutes. When the memory card is full, old files are deleted and new video materials continue to be recorded.
Time and date
All of you have noticed that when viewing files from the DVR, the time and date are necessarily fixed at the top or bottom of the screen.
Sound recording
Having a microphone to record sound is very important. Pay attention to the quality of the microphone and the reproduced sound.
Motion Sensor
Allows you to turn on the DVR when a motion sensor appears in the field of action. In Russia, the use of such innovations did not find a response among citizens, so this function remained unclaimed.
Recording GPS coordinates
Quite a useful feature, although quite rare. Fixes your coordinates on the map and links to the video.
Useful thing in the dark. Some models are equipped with infrared illumination. The negative point is the low quality of the recording at night, because the lighting leaves much to be desired.
Photo mode
A common and important feature supported by many modern DVRs. may be needed in case of an accident to fix damage to the car by traffic police inspectors and provide information to the insurance company. The driver does not always have a camera at hand, so it is important to have this function in your DVR.
How to choose the right video recorder? Don't forget the cost. There are a lot of models of video recorders and varies from 60-700 rubles to several tens of thousands for models with a bunch of functions. First of all, when choosing, decide which features you need and which do not. Many drivers still consider this thing unnecessary, but practice shows that with the growth of cars on the roads of Russia, car recorders help to solve various problem situations, both in accidents and in life.

How to choose a DVR
How to choose a DVR
How to choose a DVR
How to choose a DVR How to choose a DVR How to choose a DVR

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