Modern and efficient cyclone vacuum cleaner

There are different types of vacuum cleaners, but they are all designed for one thing, to make our house clean. There are those that do a good job and are inexpensive, and there are those with a higher price.
There are vacuum cleaners called cyclone vacuum cleaners. They appeared not so long ago, but have already managed to gain popularity and respect. In many stores, approaching the window with these vacuum cleaners, we cannot find out from the sellers how they work, so let's figure out their working principle ourselves.
First, let's talk about the creation of this vacuum cleaner.
The founder of the principle of operation of cyclone vacuum cleaners is James Dyson. In 1986, one company released the first vacuum cleaner created using this technology. Some time later, the inventor James sold his patent for a cyclonic vacuum cleaner and in 1993 released his first vacuum cleaner known as the Dayson DC01.
Today, almost every company produces vacuum cleaners of this type, as well as vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter.
Now you should understand how the cyclone vacuum cleaner works.
Most likely, James Dyson was a very good physicist, since the principle of collecting dirt is based only on the law of centrifugal force.
The cyclone vacuum cleaner itself has two chambers: external and internal. When air enters the dust collector, it begins to move in a special spiral at a high speed, thanks to which it rises to the top. Thanks to the physical force on which the work of the vacuum cleaner is based, the dust is divided into small and large, and then distributed: large - the outer chamber, and fine - the walls of the inner chamber. After that, already clean air goes outside through several filters.
The vacuum cleaner itself is made of plastic, it is not afraid of water, and no replacement elements are needed during use.
Let's now understand the advantages and disadvantages of cyclone vacuum cleaners.
First, about the merits.
A very good advantage of cyclone vacuum cleaners is its weight and dimensions. These units are quite light and compact. If you buy this vacuum cleaner, you can significantly save space and effort of the person involved in cleaning.
It does not need any interchangeable makers, so you will save on buying replacement pouches.
Dust-filled cyclone vacuum cleaners do not lose their power.
You can also safely wash and dry your vacuum cleaner.
It is also worth mentioning the shortcomings of cyclone vacuum cleaners.
First, after vacuuming, you will have to remove the dust accumulated in the dust collector.
These vacuum cleaners are very noisy and require a lot of power consumption.

Modern and efficient cyclone vacuum cleaner
Modern and efficient cyclone vacuum cleaner
Modern and efficient cyclone vacuum cleaner
Modern and efficient cyclone vacuum cleaner Modern and efficient cyclone vacuum cleaner Modern and efficient cyclone vacuum cleaner

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