Chinese tablets

It has been 2 years since the first such Chinese-made gadgets hit our market. Obvious progress is obvious: these are no longer those buggy and slow pieces of iron, but high-quality devices with a guarantee and good performance. Moreover, they have become simply irreplaceable in the life of a modern person. At the end of 2011, Chinese companies stopped copying well-known brands and began to introduce their own developments into the design and software of gadgets. In 2012, these are already full-fledged high-quality tablets that can compete with more expensive and well-known models.
How to choose a Chinese tablet?
There are a lot of manufacturers on the market. If well-known and status expensive brands are on everyone's lips, then no one really knows the names of Chinese companies. In this case, it is worth looking for information on the Internet. In China, brands are known to consumers. Naturally, there is no need to take risks by purchasing a Chinese ipad without a name at all, from NoName.
Before buying, you should decide on the set of functions that will be needed. It is clear that you want everything at once, but then it is worth preparing a large amount. And for this money you can already buy a gadget of a different level. Therefore, for $ 80, you will have to do with a device with a resistive screen and without multi-touch.
Paradoxically, after the consumer has properly appreciated the new superpad, its “twins” immediately begin to appear on the market. Chinese manufacturers fake their own competitors. Buying a poor quality product by mistake is very easy. Therefore, advice: it is best to purchase Chinese tablets from trusted suppliers.
In recent days, it has become fashionable to choose the color of a gadget that matches the color of some attribute of clothing. For example, you can choose comfortable summer sandals and shoes in the online store and then go to buy a new tablet in new shoes.
Price and features
Good devices cost about $140, very good devices cost about $250. Usually this price includes shipping. Gadgets are equipped with quite powerful processors, the video card makes it possible to have fun with both simple games and complex strategies. Soft allows you to easily connect to local networks and the Internet. There is also a Wi-Fi function, a 2 MP camera, a headphone jack. As for the RAM, the Chinese iPad, of course, is significantly inferior to similar devices of well-known brands. However, it is quite possible to find good software performance for some models.
Modern Chinese tablets have become much more competitive than a couple of years ago. Therefore, fans of well-known expensive branded models who do not trust Chinese-made devices may soon change their minds.

Chinese tablets
Chinese tablets
Chinese tablets
Chinese tablets Chinese tablets Chinese tablets

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